The Black Fusion - Anything you could dream your home entertainment system could do, the Fusion does well. It can check the weather, phone a friend, check your email, help the kids with homework, and keep you informed...
What's inside the box ?
The Fusion HTPCs
Combining style, convenience, and quiet operation, the
Fusions are our best HTPCs. All models feature an LCD
display and a wireless keyboard. The Aluminum Fusions
have the sleek and stylish look of a high-end home
theater component. The RetroFusion offers a unique
finished wood cabinet for a more conservative look.
What else can it do ?
With an optional tuner, you can watch, record, and
pause live digital television channels available 'over
the air' via antenna. With an optional speaker system,
you can experience all this in immersive 5.1 or 7.1
surround sound. And of course all of our HTPCs can
run Vista compatible office and gaming applications.
Do I need to replace all my gear ?
Our HTPCs offer connectivity with your existing
sound system, and your existing TV/display as long as it
has a compatible VGA, DVI, or HDMI input. If using
the DVI or HDMI input, please ensure that your display
is HDCP compliant for full compatibility with select
HD releases. Please check with us for advanced tuner
options if you subscribe to cable or satellite services.
Do you need a Basic, Deluxe, or Ultimate HTPC ?
All our HTPC models can play DVDs, archive/play your CD & MP3 collection, and archive/display your digital photos & home videos. And with your high speed Internet connection you can listen to online radio, watch online video,
surf the web, check email, news, weather, TV schedules, etc..
Deluxe and Ultimate HTPCs can play Blu-Ray discs and many HD-DVD discs.
Ultimate HTPCs can play the latest computer games on your big screen.
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