Do you spend more money per month for Cable or Satellite TV than you do for water, electricity, or even food?
Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, spending an amount somewhere between our water and electricity bills!
Do you think that this is absurd? If so, read on, we want to tell you about two interesting alternatives.
You have always had several options for watching commercial free movies:
1) You could pay a $10 to $15 monthly premium on top of your cable or satellite bill for a single premium movie channel
subscription via the provider of your choice, and watch the movies they decide to show, when they decide to show them.
2) You could run out to the store and and pay $2 to $4 to rent a movie for a few days,
then run back to the store to return it before it accrues any late fees.
3) You could pay $10 to $30 for each movie, then watch it whenever, wherever you want.
But how many times do you watch each movie?
If you want to watch unlimited commercial free movies, with many titles available to watch instantly:
You can rent an unlimited number of DVDs, to watch whenever, wherever you want for as little as $8.99 monthly.
And if that wasn't enough, you can pick up and drop off all these DVDs from the convenience of your mailbox, you will never
need to worry about late fees again, and you can watch many titles on demand, if you have a high speed internet connection.
And if all that wasn't enough, many of these titles are available on Blu-Ray High Definition Discs, for an additional $2 monthly.
Do we have your attention yet?
Less than $11 monthly lets you watch unlimited DVD or Blu-Ray rentals (one at a time) from the convenience of your mailbox,
and unlimited movies on demand available via an HTPC, a dedicated set-top box, and certain integrated devices.
This service is available month to month, with no term commitment. Plans that provide more than one rental at a time are available.
Netflix has over 12,000 on demand titles available, and over 100,000 DVD titles available, including new releases,
classics, educational, special interest, and spiritual titles, as well as TV episodes you may have missed, or would love to see again.
An HTPC, an upscaling DVD player, or a Blu-Ray player will enable you to watch your rented titles in the
comfort of your home, and display a beautiful High Definition picture on your HDTV.
NetFlix plans are available starting at only $4.99, and offer a two week free trial !
You have always had several options for watching your local channels:
1) You could watch all the local channels via your set-top or roof-top antenna in analog video quality.
2) You could pay your cable provider $20 to $60 monthly to watch a selection of channels in analog video quality.
3) You could pay your cable or satellite provider $40 to $80 monthly to watch a selection of channels in digital video quality,
usually excluding the digital sub-channels offered by your local broadcasters.
If you want to watch all of your local stations (and sub-stations) in Digital High Definition:
You can watch all your local stations in Digital High Definition completely free with a roof-top antenna, which you may already own.
If you don't own one, or if it is in bad shape, a new one can be purchased for about what it costs
to have Cable or a Dish installed, without the contracts and the endless monthly service fees.
An HTPC, an ATSC tuner, or certain advanced DTV converter boxes will transform the new digital broadcast
signals offered by your local stations into a beautiful High Definition picture on your HDTV.
Check for channel availability at your address.
Check for program availability at your address.
Your entertainment options are endless when your HDTV is connected to the internet !
Take over a galaxy or two from the comfort of your easy chair !